The Hoodoo Apprentice


CONJURE will debut in Fall 2012, followed by ALLURE and ILLUSION in 2013.

THE OFFICIAL BLURB FOR CONJURE IS COMING SOON...until then, enjoy a few of the things that helped inspire the first book in THE HOODOO APPRENTICE series.

Here are some of the great things that have inspired this book:
This is a regular (and super heavy, by the way!) marble mortar and pestle that Emma uses in Miss Delia's kitchen when they're working their hoodoo spells.  I found this reproduction at the apothecary shop in Colonial Williamsburg this summer.  The girl who was running the tour even let me hold it!
This is the actual mortar and pestle used by Dr. William Pasteur and Dr. John Minson Galt in the original apothecary shop in Williamsburg.  It is gigantic (almost two feet tall) and since it's made of granite, probably hernia-inducing heavy.  If you look closely, you can see that it's etched with the date 1774.  As a total American history dork buff, you can imagine I was beyond thrilled to see this in person.  A similar mortar plays a very special role in this story and getting close to it helped me imagine what could happen if a special mix of roots, herbs and magic were added together just right.... 

This is a replica of the Susan Constant, the flagship and largest of the three ships that brought English settlers to Jamestown.  The original was built in 1605 and carried 54 passengers and 17 crew members.  It serves as the model for The Dagger, the pirate ship featured in my story, which is helmed by the dastardly and cruel pirate,
Bloody Bill Ransom.  We had a great time visiting it last summer, walking around the upper and lower decks, seeing the captain and officer's quarters, and getting a sense of what it must be like to live on such a ship. 

While on board, I searched for something that could easily be removed from the ship, then ground down and used to concoct a spell.  I found just what I was looking for on the railing - a wooden belaying pin that is used to secure the ship's rigging.  One yank and it slips right out of one of those holes, easy-peasy.
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